Florence’s Collection is a vintage shop created in 2019 out of a love of shopping and upcycling. We source unique vintage home decor and furniture pieces and work them into the popular styles and trends of interior design. 

Marrying vintage with modern, inspiring creativity, and shaping sustainable shopping habits––Florence’s Collection is good for the environment and great for your home.


Florence's Collection began on April 28, 2019 and was solely an instagram side hustle I thought would be fun to do in my spare time.

In the following month of May, I was fired from my first full time job out of university for speaking up about a sexist job ad posted by the CEO of the company that I was working for at the time.
It was a huge shock to my system. I was devastated, but I was also proud to be able to speak on behalf of the women in my office and the women that would come to read that job ad. I was also really bitter for being fired because I knew I was very good at my job. I remember thinking, "I don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t appreciate my value." So, on the same day that I was fired, Florence’s Collection became my full time job. 


​Growing up, my mom constantly redecorated our home. Rearranging and repainting were a big part of her magic. She had a way of taking things we already had to reinvent the spaces in our home–without breaking the bank.

My dad illustrates what it means to be a handyman. He fixed and flipped cars to help pay the bills, built our garage from the ground up, and always lent a helping hand to anyone who needed it. There was never a project too big or too hard.

It's an important part of the story, because I see the same creativity, work ethic, and DIY obsession my parents exhibited–expressed through my business and this brand, Florence's Collection.


Florence was my grandmothers name, but everyone called her Honey. It's a name that you don't hear a lot in today's day and age, which speaks to the uniqueness of each piece added to the collection.  

Family is at the core of how this business began and why it continues to grow. It’s a collection of the values, interests, and hard work that my parents passed down to me.