Part of that feeling is knowing that by shopping with us, you’re not only supporting a small business but you’re contributing to the greater good of our planet.

The other part of that feeling is the pure excitement of getting your hands on a unique, one of a kind piece that you didn’t know you needed. Especially when there are 15+ people in line behind you wanting it too.

Shopping vintage has become increasingly popular and it's no surprise why.
It goes far beyond a trend and our planet is reaping the benefits.


    1. Shopping vintage means giving new life to old items that might have otherwise ended up in the trash and inevitably our landfill.

    2. It also means shopping quality. In the age of fast fashion–home decor, housewares, and clothing–from big box stores are mass-produced, allowing for cheaper prices but resulting in poorer quality. The unique pieces that we bring in have already stood the test of time.

    3.  Lastly, when you shop vintage at FLORENCE’S COLLECTION, you are supporting a local, woman-owned, small business, and because of that, providing me with the opportunity to employ other aspiring young people in my community with the same drive, passion, and determination to find ways––no matter how small––that we can change the world for the better.